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Photo Credit: University of Bristich Columbia

Welcome to the Duchenne Stem Cell Forum

Is there current therapy now for a Duchenne patient?  Do stem cells represent a therapy option now?  What scientific evidence supports or opposes the answers to these questions?  What methodology could deliver that evidence quickly?

It was said computer power was doubling every three years.  It is now said that artificial intelligence capabilities are doubling every three months.  The answers to these questions are, in reality, changing daily.  Organizing knowledge and evidence regarding stem cell therapies could accelerate outcome for Duchenne patients. This Forum is now designed to make that happen. 


The Forum process is designed for knowledge generation.  The procedure is simple: ask experts to explain their propositions and their evidence.  And let them explain any obstacles they face to reaching therapy.  All in terms we can understand. 


And this is our forum proposition:  evidence from stem cell investigations is lighting a path to actionable Duchenne therapy.  Together let us all see if that proposition is supported by experts and evidence.

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